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The summer of 2022 for Studer Trust's alumni teachers

Summary: This summer is different. The teachers from our partner schools finish their time attending online classes done by the Studer Trust. Unlike other summers, there were no water festivals or other fun activities.


What do summer holidays for teachers look like in other countries? We think most of them would welcome it by planning to travel or vacationing or doing meaningful but fun things with their families and friends rather than intentionally avoiding activities like people in Myanmar.

In our country, everyone is intentionally avoiding all festivities and other lively activities as a sympathy to the PDF (people defense forces) who are fighting against the military. And the economy, the safety concerns, the sad and terrified news constantly displayed on social media every second do not allow many of us to even visit our long distance families. This summer is really dry and sad for most of us.

For the teachers from the partner schools, they made a well thought decision. They take time equipping themselves with different skills so that they will be ready and able to work in full swing as soon as the children come back to school.

The Teacher Training Center (TTC) from Studer Trust held a summer online course with the following topics.

  1. Co-active Coaching Training

  2. Physical Well-being Training

  3. Math for children Training

  4. Art and Craft Training

All topics were given by the outside trainers who have full expertise in the subjects. Around 60 teachers participated in the courses. The benefit will be extended to at least 1000more students. The teachers learn diverse techniques, knowledge and skills from mastering Math and Physics to teaching children with Art and Craft which is essential for healing children who are under the huge psychological burden of Covid 19 and the 2021 Coup.

Of course there are challenges, especially because of frequent power cuts and unstable internet connection. However, technology steps in to solve the problem as best as we could. The videos posted on the telegram, the follow up calls from Studer Trust’s staff fill the gaps.

The voices from teachers are encouraging

I become more confident that I would be able to create a happy and productive learning environment by art and craft activities.

They also told us that

This (Math) training builds my confidence as a Math teacher. Before the training, I was not very good at making children understand the critical Math Theories.

“At least this is one way we can help to take care of the nation, while our country is on fire” said one of the TTC staff. We sincerely appreciate the continuous support and trust bestowed in us. Without you we will be nothing. We report back to you that you made a great decision and we see the fruits of the training in our classes now.

Annex: The details of the each topics for your information are

Co-active Coaching training

  • The differences of teaching, mentoring, counseling and coaching

  • Coaching model

  • Active listening

  • Setting the goal

  • SWOT analysis

  • The resistance pyramid

Physical Well-being training

  • What physical well-being is

  • Yoga for children

  • Classroom games and activities that develop children’s physical development

  • Songs and dances for physical development

Math for children training

  • Strategies for teaching procedures of Math

  • Strategies for problem solving

  • Vocabulary development of Math

  • Mathematics Games and Activities for children

  • Strategies for accessing Mathematical thinking


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