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Sandar Yar Ma Second School Building Opening

On 6th March 2017, a day filled with emotion and laughter, appreciation and enjoyment for all - the donors, the recipients and the invited guests. Thanks to the donors, Barbara and Anthony Rogers, for making the second donation for school building again. Studer Trust is convinced that it is so important for the community to meet the people who believe and have faith in them.

Students, the abbot and teachers were pleased by the quote from their kind donor, Anthony Rogers. He said, "Learning in the classroom is important, it will help you to keep up with the modern ways, but here with the Abbott and the monks you will learn the most important things, how to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and to develop wisdom and understanding."

Studer Trust’s relationship with Sandar Yar Ma monastic school began in 2014. Based on our follow-up visit, we saw the urgent need for more classroom space and toilet facilities within the school campus. With the kind donation from Barbara and Anthony Rogers through Studer Trust, the school received a quality school building with four fully equipped classrooms and four toilets in 2014.

In July 2015, there was a serious flood in the school compound as rain lashed Yangon. School buildings were under water for a few days, all except the Studer Trust building donated by Barbara and Anthony Rogers. The foundation of the building next to the Studer Trust building was heavily damaged by the flood. The abbot was worried for the safety of the building and requested Studer Trust to support a concrete school building to replace the unsafe building.

The school wishes to have permanent safe structures which include sufficient classrooms, a library, music room, teachers room and in-school dispensary. In compliance with Studer Trust’s mission and vision which is that every child will have access to quality education, we therefore decided to help with an additional school building to Sandar Yar Ma monastic school. Studer Trust approached the Rogers family for support with the needed second school building and they happily agreed to make the donation again. With their donation, 432 students are now studying in a positive and safe learning environment.

Studer Trust thanks the Sandar Yar Ma abbot, teachers, students, school committee members and community for their continued cooperation and dedication making this construction possible.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our guests who joined and shared this special moment with us. A special thanks to our generous donors, Barbara and Anthony Rogers, for coming all the way to Myanmar and thank you once again for the gift of school uniforms for the students.

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