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A new school building in Myanmar

costs around USD 45,000 depending on the location. This includes financing the Follow-up programme for 4 years. Donations for all or part of the total are welcome. A commemorative plaque is displayed at the school for sole donors.


The school playground is very important for children to play every day on their own initiative with a positive impact on their development and learning skills. The school toilets are a vitally needed facility for everyone at the school. Let us make a change together.


Studer Trust engaged in a partnership with Jardines Engineering which will select a young engineer from their company to volunteer with Studer Trust. The solar installation must be economical viable and the maintenance should be made by the local people. Please contact us for a possible tailor made project.   


Myanmar (for one student)

  • Middle school: for 4 years USD 360

  • High school:    for 2 years USD 240

  • University:       for 4 years USD 800


For our Computer Centers in remote areas we always need and use old but working devices. If you have used computers, tablets or lap tops kindly contact us, so we can ship them to the needed centers for a better learning process.


For as little as USD 240, you can help a young student imagine a better future. And remember, if you donate USD 240, the student receives every cent.


Volunteers provide a valuable service to the nonprofits they serve. There are many ways you can help under- privileged young people as a volunteer. If you want to extend your helping hands, please contact us.


We pride ourselves on the successful and mutually beneficial relationship we have with supporters from the corporate sector.

Our experienced Team understands the individual needs of our corporate partners and strives to make sure these needs are met.

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