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Back to Learning in Myanmar

Summary: Children are back to school with hope and happiness. Studer Trust is helping monastic schools open again.

Detail: it takes courage and is taking some risk to open the doors of schools in Myanmar due to the current political weather (i.e the coup happened on 1st of February and teachers and students are sometimes the targets of violence). The 3 monastic schools in Myanmar 1) Shwe Myo, 2) Shwe Kya 3)Kyauktan are opening their doors to children like a few other schools in Myanmar.

“Letting children wander without purpose is becoming more dangerous in my opinion. It broke my heart to see some of our children getting married without finishing school. Therefore, I was determined to open the school anyway. The support from the Studer Trust came timely and we did open our summer classes for the children. 59 (fifty nine) attended the school,” said Abbot U Nyar Nit Thariya. .

“We are very happy to go back to learning. It’s overwhelming to see all the friends in person and sit in our one chair and desk like students again. We were missing it a lot. Hopefully the school will continue to open,” said a student.

The objectives of the classes are to educate children of course but there are more. To heal the children from the struggle of dirty politics, to provide the escape from their unhappy trapped environment and to make them feel safe and normal again were among them. English and Art and craft are the main topics taught in the summer schools. 263 (two hundred and sixty three) students attended the program in 3 different monastic schools.

It was not an easy decision to open the school in this political environment for safety reasons. However, Abbott and the parents works o ensure the safety of the teachers and students. The parents take turns to watch out for the children’s safety.

The lead teachers who taught the summer classes are the alumni of the Studer Trust’s Teacher’s Training Center. They enjoy the classes as they have been equipped by the TTC’s alumni online classes. Above all the teachers and students are most excited about meeting each other again in person and being in a home-like safe environment again. Seeing them enjoy the classes worth taking all the hurdles and risks. The parents, the Abbott, the Studer Team everyone is more than happy and satisfied with the decision and the achievement. And everyone is grateful for the donors who make things possible. The world is still beautiful to live in.

Studer Trust is determined to reach more students next summer even if the political situation remains unchanged. Please share the children’s excitement, enthusiasm and happiness with your friends and family.


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