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"Elevating Teaching Skills"

In response to the Studer Trust Organization scholarship, I pursued a Diploma in Education at Yangon University of Education, where I studied educational management, psychology, and general methodology. My objectives were to enhance my teaching, leadership, and management skills to effectively lead monastic school teachers. 

I learned the importance of guidance and counseling, 21st-century skills, and improved my technology literacy and communication abilities. My internship at the Lace Language Centre allowed me to apply these skills practically. Despite initial difficulties with educational terms, I excelled with support from classmates and lecturers. Starting in June, I will be back to work as a teacher evaluator, visiting monastic schools to observe and advise teachers. This scholarship has profoundly impacted my academic and personal growth. I am immensely grateful for the Studer Trust's support.

Zin Maw Aye (Teacher Evaluator) Studer Trust


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