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2023 July Newsletter

Teacher Evaluators in action !

Mid-Year Newsletter – July 2023

Chairman’s Chat

As you will read in this Newsletter there is plenty of positive news! The Model Schools Programme, focused on two schools in the Naypyidaw area, has come to a successful conclusion and we will be conducting two, 10-week teacher training courses at the Teacher Training Centre in Mandalay in the second half of the year. On the construction side, the buildings at two schools have been completed and construction at another two schools is well under way. The recruitment of a new Executive Director continues apace - with the priority on selecting the right person for the post. In the current climate in Myanmar the ‘drops in the ocean’ that the Studer Trust provide in offering better opportunities for children’s education make a huge difference. Thank you for your support - and please keep it coming! Christopher Lavender

Cyclone Repairs

Following the highly destructive Cyclone Mocha in May our construction team has already been repairing buildings with the help of our donors. At Min Kyaung School (with 470 students) fallen trees damaged some parts of the school including the roof. Repairs have already been completed, and classes are once again being held.

Cyclone damage from fallen trees at Min Kyaung School

In Wandwin, Mandalay division, the Kin Village School roof and ceiling were also damaged, but work was completed by early June in time for the new school year!

Working on a new roof for Kin Village School


In the meantime the team has been busy constructing four school buildings. Two school buildings in Shan state have already been completed. Gabani Middle School with 100 students, and Ho Namp Primary School with 47 students. Both schools have a new building of four classrooms and a toilet block.

A typical old school building and construction of a new building

Construction is also underway at two schools in Patheingyi, Mandalay Division. Sin Ywa Taw Middle School has over 500 students drawn from six villages. Win Chan Middle School has 142 students drawn from two villages.

Two playgrounds are also under construction for Aung Chan Thar School and Ga Yan School, both in the delta Bogalay township in Ayeyarwady region, and in Pauk Par School the creation of an indoor play corner has proved most popular.

Teacher Training

The Model School Programme - provides guidelines and support to principals and teachers, through teacher training and monitoring, while creating stimulating and better learning environments.

Monitoring teacher training sessions and learning through play

Training Courses - this year there have been three teacher training sessions in January, March to April, and May. Over 25 participants attended each training focussing on teaching strategies, lesson planning, sex education, digital literacy, classroom decoration, presentation, practice and production.

Participants at a team building exercise and children in a classroom 'learning' corner

Mentorship Programme - this involves two Teacher Evaluators working with the Teacher Training Centre in Mandalay to improve lesson planning and classroom performance. The Teacher Evaluators visited 10 schools near Mandalay in January and February, identified challenges, discussed suitable solutions and provided feedback.

Fun ways to learn vocabulary plus experimental and practical learning

Other news

Our Teacher Training Programme Manager Hnin Hnin (front row in pink) was selected to attend a six-day, ALIVE (Association for Living Values Education) education programme in Sri Lanka in May.

Coming up in the second half of the Year…

Two, 10-week teacher training courses (July to September and October to December) will be held at the Studer Trust Mandalay Teacher Training Centre (TTC).

Case Study

My name is Khet Khet Khaing, and I am a teacher at Shwe Myo Monastic School. Currently, I serve as the home-room teacher for kindergarten. It is my great pleasure to share my journey of success, which began when the Studer Trust TTC implemented the Model School Project at our school in 2022.

Through this project, I had the great opportunity to enhance my teaching skills. I learned valuable techniques such as effective classroom management, lesson planning, integrating interactive activities into the teaching process, and adapting to different learning styles. I realized that these strategies are much more effective in the classroom compared to simple recitation, memorization and copying.

Additionally, I was fortunate to be selected as one of three educators to visit ‘The Green School’, a prestigious private primary school in Minbu. During a month-long internship, I engaged in knowledge exchange with experienced teachers, observed their classrooms, and actively participated in practical activities. This was an eye-opening programme for me. Inspired by what I learned, I started these new strategies in my classroom and it made a huge difference. The kids are really excited about learning, they participate more and they’re getting better at the language. Parents have noticed the positive changes too, with some saying their kids can now read letters easily.

I want to say a big thank you to the Studer Trust TTC family and each donors for giving us these amazing opportunities to grow. Their support has helped me become a better teacher who can make a real difference in children’s lives.

With your generous donations the Studer Trust continues to construct village schools and train teachers for the children of Myanmar.

Thank you for your support!

2023 July Newsletter
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