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School openings in Myanmar

Working towards a Common Goal:

Providing 2 Safe and Sustainable Learning Environment for the underprivileged Communities

On our trip in April 2018, we held official opening ceremonies for two schools: Pa Tat Wa and Pyin Hlaing. Our team constructed the schools in Myanmar during 2017 with the challenges of bad weather. The communities in two villages were so thrilled about their new schools, and the celebrations in each village were long and joyous. Each ceremony was unique and each one truly celebrated the importance of education.

Building schools in the poorest villages in Myanmar has always been Studer Trust’s core mandate. Today, Myanmar lags far behind the developed world in terms of educational standards. With an increasing need for human capital, the government of Myanmar has initiated important steps to improve the educational system as a national priority. However, significant challenges remain and there is still a lot to do in terms of infrastructure and access to resources, such as limited access to textbooks, school supplies, libraries in rural communities, and teaching styles are based on rote learning. On top of these constraints, the improvement of education in Myanmar is further complicated by a lack of qualified teachers and classrooms that are overcrowded.

Pa Tat Wa School

Studer Trust’s first visit to Pa Tat Wa School was in June 2008 after the cyclone Nargis, the worst natural disaster in Myanmar history and hit the Delta, Myanmar in early May 2008. It had caused catastrophic destruction and at least 138,000 fatalities with 55,000 people went missing. More than 4,000 schools were completely destroyed and Pa Tat Wa School was one of them. The project was introduced by the Department of Education in Bogale township in Ayeyarwady region. In 2009, Studer Trust completed the construction of a school building with fully furnished 3 classrooms and 2 toilets facilities for 81 students and 3 teachers.Since then, the school has been monitored by Studer Trust. During our Follow-up visits every year, we have seen the growing numbers of students and the need of another school building. In 2015, the principal and the committee requested help with a second building. This request was closely and carefully assessed and a needs analysis has been undertaken in cooperation with the school committee. With the previous successful project, great cooperation, and in compliance with Studer Trust’s vision which is every child will have access to a quality education, we have decided to support the needed secondschool building. This has created a safe structures and enough space for 147 students and 9 teachers, and it is a great access to improve the quality of teaching.

Pyin Hlaing School

With the introduction by a passionate local businessman who lives near Pyin Hlaing village contacted Studer Trust in late 2016 and requested help for the construction of a much needed school building. This request was carefully assessed and an needs analysis undertaken in cooperation from the school committee. During Studer Trust team’s visits to Pyin Hlaing school in February and March 2017, the team found the existing buildings were in a dilapidated condition. Studer Trust also learned that the community, parents, students, and teachers wish to have permanent safe structures with enough space to accommodate current 89 and future students. The school and local communities are delighted to support the new school building’s constructions with in-kind donations, including excavation work, needed local construction materials, such as water, sand and labor for off-loadings the materials. In compliance with Studer Trust’s vision, which is every child will have access to a quality education, we decided to support the building of Pyin Hlaing school.

This important work at both schools would not have been possible without the advice, support and hard work of many people. First, and foremost, Studer Trust would like to thank our donors for their kind donation and continuous support. Special thanks to the teachers, students and the communities in both villages for their help with transporting, carrying, and loading all the construction materials. Many thanks to Studer Trust operation team and construction crews for their wonderful job to be able complete timely and within the project budget.

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