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Kyaung Ywa School Ground Breaking Ceremony

Kyaung Ywa Government School is in Kyaung Ywa village, Kyaung Tar village tract, Nyaunglebin township, Bago region. The village and the region suffered serious flood for about two weeks two months ago which was the most serious flood during many decades. It is about 215km which is a 4hours drive from Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, 520km about 8hours drive from Mandalay, the second biggest city and 260km about 4hours drive from Naypyitaw, a new capital. And 110km about 2,5hours drive from Studer Trust school ST 0153 Tin Kottan school. GPS coordinate to the school is 17.809847,96.8678688.

Kyaung Ywa school was established since 1979. Myanmar Education system is still suffering from a critical lack of resources and skills. There are currently about 800 students of grades 1 (5+) to 10 (15+) and 30 teachers. But the school struggled with the classrooms management as they have a lack of funds to provide more furnitures and school buildings. Government supported school buildings but some are very old and could not be used anymore. Some are in good condition but those can provide a few classrooms and school need more classrooms. Since school provided for middle and high classes students number increase every year. This school is the only easy access for middle and high school students in the region. So, number of student increased. Community built temporary shelters with bamboo and leaves for more classes. But those shelters never last long as the region receive heavy rain in rainy season.

Studer Trust was informed the school situation by a monk who was born there and living in Mandalay now. Studer Trust found that there was an urgent need for a new school building which can provide a safe and healthy environment for both students and teachers and of course quality education. Proposal for a 120’x30’ new school building with 4 fully equipped classrooms for up to 200 students was accepted by our generous and long term supporter Mr Guido Cherubini. There will also installation of 4 toilets and a rain water collecting tank as well.

Studer Trust team and construction crew heads arrived to school one day in advance in order to participate ground breaking ceremony early in the morning of 16thOctober 2019. The team came to the village where the school is situated by a small motor boat from Ma Dauk town. School committee member came up and welcome the team from Ma Dauk town.

It was the witness of their great interest that school and community collected sand and stone for their new school building construction. Teachers, students and school committee were thrilled and participated the ground breaking ceremony. They offered breakfast to invited monks and guests and cash donated to monks. Invited monks blessed according to the religious ways. Firstly the head monk marked the stone corner and prayed. School principal, village heads, Studer Trust team, teachers and school committee followed the same.

Community will help with the excavation works for school building and toilets. Studer Trust construction crews will start the construction around the third week of November. Construction materials will deliver soon. School building construction can be done in January 2019. The ceremony ends with big smiles and happy. Village head and school principal thanks to their donor, Mr Guido Cherubini, for his great support for their remote village.

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