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1 School, 41 Teachers, 672 Students and Hundreds of Smiling Communities

On one beautiful day of March 2017, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate a special event at Taung Ywa Thit School. It was a school opening ceremony of the new school building that the school, teachers, students, parents and community wanted so badly since many years. Their wish for a dream school came to the reality in 2015 when Studer Trust visited the school and decided to support with a construction of a new school building with 4 fully equipped classrooms and 4 toilets. The project took about 2 years including the assessments, planning and construction.

This important work would not have been possible without the advice, support and hard work of many people. First, and foremost, Studer Trust would like to thank Mr. Guido Cherubini for his kind donation. Many thanks to abbot U Nagathay Na, the principal of Taung Ywa Thit school for his guidance throughout the project. Special thanks to the teachers, students and the whole Taung Ywa Thit community for their help with transporting, carrying, and loading all the construction materials. Many thanks to Studer Trust operation team and construction crews for their wonderful job to be able complete timely and within the project budget.

Our late founder, Peter Gautschi said, "We must continue to build our school. When the building is up it’s only the beginning of the School’s life. We have to keep it new and fresh for a long time. Whilst it will be relatively easy to organize and implement a way to help maintain a building it may not be easy to create and invent a way to and help needy young people getting proper education. But it will be worthwhile to be innovative and if we are convinced on what it’s all about and take a 'can do' approach we’ll succeed. But it can only be done if we, Studer Trust, the local community and the school are fully committed and work together!"

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