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Meet Daw Cho Zin Htet, a student from Studer Trust’s first school in Myanmar, who become a teacher

Summary: Mr. Peter Gautischi, the late founder of the Studer Trust, built his first school in Ohn Chaw community Myanmar in 2004. We met a student then who is now a teacher teaching children in the same school.

The Details.

You have probably heard many times about the late founder of the Studer Trust Myanmar, Mr. Peter Gautischi. He started his first school in Myanmar in 2004. We do know that 14 years could change people a lot. And the first school of the Studer Trust changed the lives of many children and young people a lot.

Teacher Cho Zin Htet, the former student of Ohn Chaw school but now a teacher there said, “it was unthinkable to continue my education at that time. I still believe it was a Godsend. I remember, my mother told me that if I was desperate to go to secondary school, I should pray to God. She said this is the only thing we can do right now. And as a child I did believe my mom and I prayed a lot. Seriously, one day, a man visited the nearby Monastic school.

According to the student records, student Cho Zin Htet joined the Ohn Chaw school as a secondary school student. Her parents were daily laborers, not having regular incomes and have 5 children. Student Cho Zin Htet being an eldest daughter, they plan to ask her to work when she finishes her primary school. However, they were also torn between their daughter’s enthusiasm. However, the solution was not easy as they cannot send their daughter to the local government school as the prices are too expensive.

At that time, the Ohn Chaw monastic school was only a primary school due to lack of school buildings and human resources. Even Though the school was established in 1988, Abbot and a few teachers are trying hard to teach children in temporary buildings.

But the man came and it changed. Suddenly a building was built by the man, who was the leader of the Studer Trust. And it attracts attention from more people and other NGOs for more funding which addresses the shortage of teachers. And the school was able to extend its offer to local secondary students. Student Cho Zin Htet was one of them.

if It was not for the new school building and the teachers salaries brought to us at the right time by Sir. U Peter, I would now be a primary school dropout like my parents.

If it was not for him (U Peter) and Studer Trust, I would now be working like my parents in all different jobs, working like slaves at other people’s houses and business, trying to meet the ends tiredly. But now I am a proud teacher. Teacher Cho Zin Htet (Ohn Chaw School)

She continues "I am a graduate, I teach children and I am respected by my community. What great luck! Since then there is no day without thanking him in my mind!”

Since then the Ohn Chaw schools have educated hundreds of both primary and secondary children from disadvantaged families.

As a teacher, I learnt from the staff from the Studer Trust that there are a lot of people like Mr. Peter who are working with the Studer Trust and changing the path of our lives. You are a miracle. Because of you, we are not only educated, but also able to live fulfilled lives. We feel wholesome when I am respected by students and parents. We felt satisfied every time the academic year successfully ended. We truly wanted you to feel the same. Your decision to work with Studer Trust was well considered, the most valuable, irreplaceable, life changing support for the children from our countries. We are very grateful for that” said Teacher Cho Zin Htet.


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