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4th English Teacher Training

On January 6, 2020, 28 teachers began the 4th English Teacher Training (ETT) at the Studer Trust Teacher Training Center (TTC) in Mandalay, Myanmar. The goal of the training is to improve the quality of English education at our partner schools by improving teachers’ English language proficiency, English content knowledge, and increasing their understanding of English teaching methodology as well.

During this 10-week course, teachers will have the opportunity to actively participate in over 133 hours of direct English instruction and over 30 hours of English methodology training as well as engaging in 30 hours of practicum teaching and lesson development training.

Participants will also have the opportunity to select from over 224 levelled English books to read throughout the training, offering them the chance to read at their own pace and on their own level. Each book is accompanied by an audio file in either the North American or British dialect, which they can listen to while reading. This activity has been an extremely popular during all of our English teacher trainings. In the past 3 trainings, teachers have read between 350-498 books during the entire 10-week course. However, this year, TTC is happy to report that after only 3 weeks of ETT, the 28 teachers have already read 433 books, an average of over 144 books a week!

Studer Trust is extremely proud of all our teachers’ hard work and their dedication to improving the education they provide to their students and communities. As always, we are also extremely grateful for the generous support provided to TTC by its donor, the Wai Yin Association. Without their continued support, Studer Trust would not be able to continue helping our teachers and partner communities improve the quality of education that they provide to children attending their schools.

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