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Teacher Training Center Starts Its 11th Cohort Of Teacher Training

In September 2018, 23 teachers began the 11th cohort of the Studer Trust Teacher Training Center’s fundamental teacher training. During this training, teachers have the opportunity to learn foundational pedagogical skills and participate in practicum teaching to help them more successfully implement the child-centered approach in their classrooms. Each teacher receives a full scholarship and stipend to attend the program thanks to the generosity of our donor, the Wai Yin Association.

Throughout the course, teachers participate in hands-on activities to help them both practice applying and experience the methodologies they will later implement in their own classrooms once they return to their schools. Participants conduct experiments, practice making teaching learning aids, and conduct role plays to help them more effectively develop relationships with their students. Furthermore, they also take part in an English class every day. This class helps them to review the English language content knowledge necessary to teach Grades 1-5 of the Myanmar government curriculum and also serves as a model classroom of the pedagogical practices they are learning in the training sessions for the 10 weeks of this course.

Teachers also learn to create a variety of projects which they can then adapt for the needs of their students. They create teaching learning aids and example assessments, such as their “Friendship Book” in their English class (pictured above), all of which serve as authentic approaches to learning and just as important, fun. Teachers also participate in a number of team-building activities to help the grow stronger as a group and more confident in teaching their students, too.

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