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Summer English Program

Studer Trust conduct Summer English Program as a pilot project to some of Studer Trust’s affiliated schools throughout Myanmar since 2011. The program aim to uplift and support English language skills which is a very week point among both teachers and students in Myanmar schools especially in remote places.

This program is designed to help our students to increase their understating of English communication skills such as speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.

Studying language skills is popular in Myanmar because the new government is open to foreign investment. People hope that foreign investment will create new and better pay jobs opportunities for those who have more knowledge and language skills. So many young people want to learn English in order to improve their life.

Studer Trust invited teachers from different organization and other freelancers. Some of them are volunteers and some receive a small salary. At the moment this program is mainly cooperating with Kant Kaw Education Center which enables hundreds of Myanmar students each year to gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications to work effectively in their communities and access further study it provides teachers for Studer Trust’s Summer English Program.

They teach speaking, listening, reading, grammar, songs, games and of course hygienic as well as environmental knowledge. Students are happy and feel very lucky to have a chance of studying English and general knowledge in a remote school. Parents as well as the abbot are grateful for having a great chance to study extra curricula during the summer holidays. The reason is that they could not afford to go and learn English in a city and there is no English language training in such socially disadvantaged areas.

In the cities and for those children who has strong financial support be able to attend all kinds of summer programs and activities while poor and village children have not much to do at their villages. Our program helps thousands of children from the villages giving opportunities to practice their English, interact with teachers from other places and other fun activities.

At the end of the program, the local children are to be able to:

1. Increase certain level of the basic knowledge and skill of English (vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation) of students

2. Gain basic relevant general social knowledge on environment, civic education, study skills and critical thinking, peace and conflicts studies while having fun.

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