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Showing Gratitude at Salay Monastery

Every year, the Studer Trust Teacher Training Center hosts several teacher trainings to help teachers at our partner schools improve their understanding of the fundamental teaching knowledge necessary to provide high quality instruction to their students. During that time, teachers have the opportunity to practice and apply their new knowledge and skills in structured practice teaching sessions. Thanks to our partnership with the Salay Monastery, where TTC is located, our participants are able to teach practicum lessons at Salay’s primary school. These opportunities allow them to immediately apply what they learn in our training sessions in a real-life teaching context similar to what they would experience in their own schools.

Over the past two years, Studer Trust has expressed its gratitude for the Salay Monastery’s continued support by donating a variety of school supplies on behalf of our generous donor, the Wai Yin Association. Each primary school classroom receives a variety of school supplies and teaching learning aids, such as pens, markers, scissors, tape, paper, and informational posters, to better help their teachers and students conduct child-centered learning activities in their classrooms.

Studer Trust greatly appreciates both the support we receive from Salay Monastery and the Wai Association, and we look forward to further collaboration in order to continue providing the support necessary that allows our partner schools, teachers, and their students to continue to meet their learning, life, and community goals.

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