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Teacher Profile: War War Khaing

A native of the Bago region, Ma War War has dreamed of becoming a teacher since she was young. After obtaining her degree and exploring a few different career trajectories, she became a part of the Studer Trust family in 2012 when she joined the Sandarama Monastic Eduction School. Ma War War Khaing is one of the many teachers who successfully participated in the 2020 Summer Online Course offered by the Studer Trust Teacher Training Center (TTC). Having already completed several other TTC courses, when this year’s training shifted from in-person to digital, she was not only willing to participate but actually excited about the prospect of her first ever online course.

Completing the courses proved to be quite a balancing act for Ma War War Khaing, particularly in finding the time to do assignments. All 7 of Ma War War Khaing’s siblings have left her home, leaving her as the sole caretaker of her mother and household. Due to the lockdown, her responsibilities at home increased, allowing fewer hours in the day to complete course homework for the SOC as well as for the English CELT course she took at the same time. However, Ma War War Khaing, always passionate and dedicated, seized the opportunity as a chance to practice good efficiency and time management practices.

The primary tactic she took was to create and stick to a specific daily schedule, with blocks of time for watching course videos, discussing with her trainer and doing assignments that worked around her daily chores and activities. Ma War War Khaing also knew that she didn’t want to sacrifice quality of the assignment just to get it done quickly. So she made sure to spend proper time on each assignment, taking into account feedback from previous homework and comparing notes with other teachers. Whereas before she often rushed to hand in papers early, this time she worked at a more even, considered pace to thoroughly complete the assignments. Ultimately, not only did she succeed in completing all assignments for the six courses, but she got positive feedback on all assignments and learned how to better manage her own time.

While Ma War War Khaing says that she still prefers in-person training, she appreciated being a part of the online course. She particularly enjoyed learning about creating open-ended questions and was grateful to be able to practice this for her English classes. She’s excited to use the new strategies and skills she learned in the course in her classes in the coming school year. Ma War War Khaing is a great example of the many teachers that Studer Trust is honored to support and help flourish with our TTC. We look forward to watching her progress.

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