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3 Schools Summer Development Program 2019

Summer development program is the program for the village students to get exposure of learning in a series of subjects that include English, personal healthcare, environmental learning, public ethics, critical thinking, socials, art and crafts, and sport. The program is also included mini research and other environmental activities for the represented school and village.

The objective of the program is to help improvement in knowledge of students by combining an outside organization as Tha Pyay Foundation. There are 3 Studer Trust member schools ( Taung Ywa Thit - Sagaing Region, Shwe Kya - Naypyidaw Region and Kyauk Tan - Magway Region) cooperated in the summer program. Only monastic educational schools were selected in this program because of Studer Trust’s donated government educational schools are performing upgrading activities of government’s new educational reform system.

The program takes a month with 100 hours for teaching and doing activities. The program was managed by Tha Pyay Foundation and organized by Studer Trust which sent out 2 volunteer teachers each selected school. The volunteer teachers are national ethnics and newly trained by Tha Pyay Foundation. Studer Trust supports the travelling and necessary expenses of volunteer teachers who go to Studer Trust’s assigned schools. Studer Trust also gives honorarium and completion certificates to the volunteer teachers.

About 256 students have enrolled and completed from 3 schools in this summer development program. Most of the students are middle and high school students. The program could create win-win situations for organizations, benefiter students and community. The students have a chance to learn new things during their holiday period and the volunteer teachers could have a chance to get regional experience and have a chance to share their knowledge of fresh learning during a year. The activity likes collecting plastic bags and cleaning garbage on the streets is also beneficial to the villages.

Furthermore, summer development programs or English language classes are needed to get exposure of the students during summer. The schools are welcome and happy with the programs and activities. Although it is a short period and time, students, teachers and villagers will be remarkable time. And all stakeholders will also be valuable supports for those periods.

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