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Studer Trust’s Alumni Training Course

In our last newsletter, we shared how Studer Trust and our teachers overcame COVID-19 restrictions by conducting and participating in an online training course, in place of the standard Teacher Training Center training. This year however, despite everyone’s best hopes, Myanmar was still dealing with COVID-19 and Studer Trust was required to find an online solution for our Fundamental Teacher Training. Luckily, with the success of the first Summer Online Course, we were confident we could deliver our alumni training online. Thus, we created the Alumni Online Course.

The AOC ended up having an impressive 117 participants across its three main courses. The course topics, Classroom Management, Critical Thinking and Informational Assessment, comprised a series of four, 15-20 minutes video lessons over a four-week period. Each video included assignments, and learning was then further supported with individual and small group feedback sessions aimed at the development, revision and implementation of the strategies introduced that week.

As a result of AOC, the teachers met the goal of applying at least 4 distinct lesson plans with a 99% overall success rate. All participants successfully completed the assignments. At the end of the course, Studer Trust did a course evaluation asking all the participants their opinions, suggestions and comments on the course. We’d love to share with you some feedback from our dedicated participants.

“I have been a teacher for over 6 years and I have attended many courses from different places. I really like all the trainings from TTC because, after the training, it gives me confidence. And every trainer teaches us clearly. If I have the chance, I would like to attend all the training conducted by TTC. Thank you all the trainers who teach us clearly and patiently.”

"As I gain confidence in lesson planning and teaching, I feel like teaching my students using those strategies."

"Due to the feedback, not only our lesson plans become better but also we came to know exact activities and how to use them."

"After the AOC, I myself practiced some of the critical thinking strategies which I learned from the course. I felt that I was able improve some thinking skills. So, putting those skills in our lesson plans will definitely help our students improve their thinking skills as well."

The Studer Trust Teacher Training Center would like to express its appreciation to the teachers for their active participation and enthusiastic learning throughout the course. Because of them, we can continue to make lasting impact on the communities we serve. Last but not least, TTC would like to acknowledge and thank our donor—the Wai Yin Association. Without their support, all the trainings and online courses could not be possible.


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